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Welcome to:

Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc

Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc. would like to welcome you to our website. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

In 2006, federal, state and local government agencies, universities, businesses and industries all recognized and reported on the increasing need and decreasing availability of students interested and proficient in the STEM career fields. "Read the Ohio Academy of Science STEM statement here."

Local professionals recognized the limited resources available to Tipp City Schools to implement the recommended and/or mandated steps to address this problem locally; and so formed Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc. (formerly known as Tippecanoe STEAM Boosters, Inc.) to aid in addressing this problem.

Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc. wishes to promote interest in the academic areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to Tipp City School District students by enhancing their learning experience inside and outside the classroom through the development and support of STEM related programs, by facilitating the acquisition of additional equipment and/or learning materials, by identifying and providing mentors, by seeking and obtaining funds from grants and donations and directing their use toward those ends; and by creating a positive and enriched overall school environment where students interested in the STEM fields are respected, admired and recognized as a source of school pride by the student body, the school faculty & staff, and by the community at large.

Please take some time to review all of the information here and check back often for updates. If you have any questions about the organization, membership or donations, please contact us.

"Tippecanoe STEM Education, Inc. is
a not-for-profit 501(c)3 public charity corporation.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law."

President -Jacqueline Wahl

 1470 W. Main Street

Vice Pres. - Asha Vysa

 Tipp City, OH 45371

Secretary - Georgia Bayman

 (937) 667-3217 Phone

Treasurer – Martin E. English, DVM

 (937) 669-9507 Fax

E-mail: steamboosters@swohio.twcbc.com  
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